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Talks & Briefings

Weaving together rich interdisciplinary knowledge

Sample Lecture and Facilitation Topics

  • Israel-Palestinian Dynamics: Opportunities and Risks



  • Shifting Alliances in the Middle East: Scenarios for Stability and Renewed Violence                                                        

  • When Things Fall Apart: the First Intifada, the Oslo Process, the Second Intifada, and Now

  • The Center Cannot Hold: the Ongoing Struggle to Complete Israel's Founding                                                                          

  • Dynamics and Trends in Israeli Civil Society        

  • Voices of Peace and War – Conversations with Israelis and Palestinians during a 273 Kilometer Solo Sea Kayaking Journey from Nahariya to Ashqelon

  • Navigating with a Heart to Know, Eyes to See, and Ears to Hear: a Jewish & Zionist Response to Today’s Volatile Middle East

  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Israeli Politics but Were Afraid to Ask: a 60 Minute Interactive Discussion Using Popular Israeli Music

  • Leadership Dilemmas in Today’s Israel – An Interactive Study with Texts Using the Creation Story (B’Reisheet), the Binding of Isaac (Ha’Akeida), and the Story of Jonah (Yona)


Professor Elizabeth Bradley


Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY


Daniel is particularly gifted at convening dialogue about controversial and important topics about nationalism, military strategy, politics, and leadership.  With his experience in multiple sectors—government, nonprofit, and military—Daniel has a wealth of insight he shares easily.  Our time with Daniel was truly one of "engaged pluralism" where diverse voices spoke and were heard, and we all learned. I highly recommend him as a speaker, convener, and inspiration for students of all ages.

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