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Weaving together rich interdisciplinary knowledge

Sample Lecture and Facilitation Topics

  • Israel-Palestinian Dynamics: Opportunities and Risks



  • Shifting Alliances in the Middle East: Scenarios for Stability and Renewed Violence                                                        

  • When Things Fall Apart: the First Intifada, the Oslo Process, the Second Intifada, and Now

  • The Center Cannot Hold: the Ongoing Struggle to Complete Israel's Founding                                                                          

  • Dynamics and Trends in Israeli Civil Society        

  • Voices of Peace and War – Conversations with Israelis and Palestinians during a 273 Kilometer Solo Sea Kayaking Journey from Nahariya to Ashqelon

  • Navigating with a Heart to Know, Eyes to See, and Ears to Hear: a Jewish & Zionist Response to Today’s Volatile Middle East

  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Israeli Politics but Were Afraid to Ask: a 60 Minute Interactive Discussion Using Popular Israeli Music

  • Leadership Dilemmas in Today’s Israel – An Interactive Study with Texts Using the Creation Story (B’Reisheet), the Binding of Isaac (Ha’Akeida), and the Story of Jonah (Yona)

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