What are People Saying about Daniel Sherman?


What people are saying about Daniel Sherman

Ariel Dloomy



In our most recent engagement with Danny, he facilitated the design of our Organizational Knowledge Center, a critical element of our expansion plans.  Working with key staff, Danny assessed our strategic needs, examined models of existing knowledge centers in Israel and abroad, and proposed a three-year work plan and budget. He then wrote the proposal that was fully funded.  The results speak for themselves.  I couldn’t recommend Danny more highly.   

Co-Executive Director


Dr. Amos Avgar

Joint Distribution Committee

Daniel is able to identify issues on which organizations can cooperate and to pull together and focus professionals from very different backgrounds and skill-levels.  His devotion to community empowerment […] in the face of considerable difficulties led to significant increases in the capabilities of community professionals with whom he worked.

Chief Program Officer


Noa Drori

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), formerly of the Schusterman Foundation

Daniel is an excellent facilitator, leader and consultant. […] Daniel brings with him historical knowledge from around the world mixed with a values-based leadership to his talks and work. If I could I would make sure that every person that I work with in the education sector has an opportunity to learn from and with Daniel.

Strategic Initiatives Manager


Dr. Pierre Kletz

Mandel Foundation

Daniel’s dedication, strong analytical skills and consistent attention to both the big-picture and the details made him a great asset to the Foundation. Moreover, his humor, varied interests and ability to view issues from novel perspectives and to communicate his thoughts make him a pleasure to work with.



Elizabeth Bradley

Vassar College

Poughkeepsie, New York

Daniel is particularly gifted at convening dialogue about controversial and important topics about nationalism, military strategy, politics, and leadership.  With his experience in multiple sectors—government, nonprofit, and military—Daniel has a wealth of insight he shares easily.  Our time with Daniel was truly one of "engaged pluralism" where diverse voices spoke and were heard, and we all learned. I highly recommend him as a speaker, convener, and inspiration for students of all ages.


Talks & Briefings

Dave Schmidgall

National Community Church,

Washington DC

It isn’t just that I enjoy Danny as a communicator and skillful facilitator, bringing both clarity and humanity out of complex subject matter.  But more importantly, I trust him; his heart and motives to genuinely and creatively help groups wrestle and grow towards wise thinking and engagement.  We have access to information.  What we lack is the care and wisdom to navigate and grow through the mountains of tension and sometimes disagreement around heavily charged topics.  Danny, through humor, stories and his own experiences has done that for us twice now:  to better understand, empathize and clear away the debris of anger and fear and move towards a better ethic of love and listening.  We look forward to having him share more and more with our community and strongly encourage you to consider him.  Your community will be better for it.

Pastor and A1:8 Executive Director

Talks & Briefings

Tania Hary

The Legal Center for Freedom of Movement

Danny and I have participated in workshops and strategy sessions together, done joint briefings and spoken on shared panels. […]  He is well-known in the international community for his thoughtful and compassionate analysis, his professionalism, dedication and eloquence. He is regularly sought out as a resource by diplomats, international organizations and others who know they can count on his measured and perceptive read of the situation. It’s truly been an honor and privilege, as well as a pleasure (!), to work with him.

Executive Director of Gisha

Talks & Briefings

Myron I. Flagler

Jewish Community Alliance,

Jacksonville Florida

Daniel Sherman brought new insight into the complexity of both Israeli internal politics and its position in a very difficult neighborhood. His ability to facilitate meaningful dialogue in his sessions represent the JCC, a place where the free exchange of different perspectives are encouraged. Daniel engaged with three very different groups at our J. He was masterful with them all.

Executive Director

Talks & Briefings

Rabbi Wayne Franklin

Temple Emanu El

Providence, Rhode Island

Thank you for so generously sharing your wealth of knowledge and insights with members of Temple Emanu-El. We appreciated your enlightening us with information you have gained from your work in the diplomatic arena and from your own thoughtful analyses of the conflicting narratives of Israelis and Palestinians. Your open-minded, fair and balanced approach to the realities you observe was inspiring and hopeful.


Talks & Briefings

William S. Barnes

St. Luke's United Methodist Church

Orlando, Florida

Daniel Sherman is a breath of fresh air in the ongoing struggle for peace with justice and security between Israelis and Palestinians and within the region as a whole.  As an engaged Jew and Israeli who advocates for lasting solutions to the seemingly intractable conflict in a land holy to all, Daniel shares his unique approach to bringing people together in lively and thoughtful presentations and discussion when he visits religious congregations in the United States. Our congregation was encouraged and blessed by his evening with us.

United Methodist Clergy (Retired)

Talks & Briefings


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